Strata developer services

Lot entitlement schedules   •   Scheme structuring   •   Advisory services 


As a market leader in advising developers regarding complex sites, we cover an extensive development portfolio that includes residential, commercial, mixed-use, resorts and industrial buildings and are able to customise a solution for you if required.

We offer:

  • Assistance in preparation of lot entitlement schedules
  • By-law recommendations
  • Budget and levy estimates
  • Specialist knowledge and advice on legislation  and government documentation
  • Engagement with expert insurance brokers for your service requirements
  • Fast-track approval processes for purchases

From planning a sought after development, through to property completion, our professional and dedicated new development team offer expert advice on structuring a scheme well to appeal to buyers. This practical approach to administrative, financial and operational solutions ensures the smooth set-up of your new scheme.

As part of the PICA Group, Dynamic Property Services is a proud sponsor and an active member of industry bodies such as Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) in New South Wales.

Watch a 30” video about how we assist developers to enhance community living for strata managed communities.