Management team

Having an effective leadership team is instrumental in creating a business that is relevant today and into the future.  Leading the Dynamic Property Services team is:

Robert Fothergill – Senior Branch Manager for Dynamic Property Services

Robert Fothergill has worked in the construction and strata/property management industry for over 15 years. Joining the PICA Group in 2007, Robert quickly established himself as a valuable strata and company title manager. Coupled with his natural ability to lead and bring about change, Robert’s career progressed into branch management where he led Robinson Strata Management, a subsidiary of the PICA Group, from a small family business to being one of the most successful and awarded branches within the Group.

Having proven success in creating a branch model that delivers exceptional service delivery, Robert is the Senior Branch Manager of Dynamic Property Services. Roberts experience, skills and achievements as a portfolio manager, and branch manager within the PICA Group over the last 10 years, makes Robert a trusted and experienced leader for one of most premium strata businesses.

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